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Pornography is a secret monster ravaging the Christian home today. Pornography is affecting the lives of pastors, men, young men as well as women nowadays. Pornography is associated with guilt, shame andisolation and the addiction may fuel bouts of depression and anxiety. The sad part is this secret bondage is shameful to talk about, so many people keep it to themselves and suffer alone in shame and in pain.

It is evident from the following statistics that this is a major epidemic in the U.S.

$3,075.64 is being spent on pornography every second.1

28,258 internet viewers watch pornography every second.1

More than half (79%) of unwanted pornography exposure occurs at home.1

40 million U.S. adults visit pornography websites on a regular basis.1

A fifth of adult men admit to accessing pornography websites in the workplace.1

About 17% of women are addicted to pornography.1

About 13% of women admit to accessing pornography websites.1

Addiction to pornography is a problem that many people face and it can have a negative impact on the individual, family and community.

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