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PREMARITAL COUNSELING USING PREPARE/ENRICH COUPLE ASSESMENT. Have you thought about the fact that the only license you can get without training is the marriage license? Please get some marital education before you obtain the marriage license. Please do not jump into this eternal covenant too quickly.It is important that you seek some counsel prior to getting married.  

Falling in love is not the 100% prerequisite for marriage. There is more to it than, “We are in love.” We conduct tests to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship. We also help couples develop strategies to deal with “red flags” in their relationships before they decide to marry. Family of origin issues, abuse from the past, communication, financial management, spiritual compatibility, mental health issues, past sexual soul ties andsoul ties with family need to be dealt with before they can leave to cleave to a partner in a healthy way.

If you are in love and are about to get married we encourage to take at least 6 sessions of premarital counseling with us in order to appropriately equip you for a good marriage. We believe that this process will be an invaluable investment to you and your partner.

Please call us at 732-770-4331 to start building a strong marriage from today.