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Life works synergistically and most of the time opposites attract. Abusers will always attract the abused, controllers attract people pleasers and doormats, non-confrontational people will attract manipulators, good girls attract bad boys and the quiet attract the loud, etc. Have you thought about that? What is your style of relating to people? There is an underlying psychology of attraction which the enemy takes advantage of. It is time to break this toxic cycle of unhealthy relational style so you can relate freely to others.

Style of Relating: Do you want to break free from self-protective strategies used to masquerade personal pains from the past?Do you have a love addiction, codependency, experience marital conflicts and arguments? We teach communication skills and techniques to deal with conflicts and shame.

Are you attracted to bad guys and girls or toxic relationships? Your style of relating to others may depend upon your self-concept and your core beliefs. People will treat you according to the way you treat yourself.

Singleness and courtship. Why can’t you find Mr. Right or Miss Right? The answer may be hidden beneath the iceberg of your soul. We will help you discover the underlying subconscious or spiritual problem that you are experiencing.

Are you afraid of getting married, problem finding a mate, unsuccessful romantic relationships and aging we will help you work through the subconscious and spiritual issues hindering your romantic relationships?

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