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TheMultifaith And Multicultural Counseling Group is a professional Christian counseling practice geared towards helping Christians and non-Christians to develop healing and wholeness in life.  We are here for you if you are experiencing unbearable suffering and pain that may require professional counseling based on sound biblical principles and values.

In life, we go through confusing and painful sufferings that require someone to walk with us on that journey. Our licensed, trustworthy, experienced, competent, compassionate, caring and nonjudgmental Christian counselors and pastoral counselors are here to walk with you through this journey towards healing, restoration and fulfillment of joy.

Multifaith and Multicultural Christian Counseling Group:

We are:





Multi faith


And Christ Centered

Please do not hesitate to call us for an appointment. You are not at our page by accident, we have prayed for you. Your call will be promptly answered or returned within a few hours by a clinical coordinator who will match you with the right counselor who will meet your needs.

All calls are strictly confidential in nature. It is easy and fast to schedule appointments today.

(732) 317-1902 or email at drbaning@gmail.com

Abundant Blessings