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  1. We are multidimensional and holistic counseling group. Our counseling approach is not geared towards only one aspect of life. We focus on the healing of the whole being; spirit, mind, emotion, relationship and the body.
  2. Our approach is integrative. We combine sound biblical truth with sound psychological and medical practices.
  3. We do not focus on symptoms relief, but on real-world concrete strategic goals for long term outcomes.
  4. Our counseling approach is practical and experiential. The counselee is well involved in the counseling process. We do not only do talk therapy; we give the counselee experiential reflective homework assignments that helps the counselee to cope and heal in short period of time.
  5. We accept third party insurance payment.  We do not bill patients for the balance owed from insurance payment. We write it off for the counselee; the counselee is only responsible for a flat co-payment.
  6. We want to make counseling affordable to suffering people. We have a payment plan to accommodate your financial needs.
  7. MMCG is a faith based group with culturally competent practitioners who are seasoned in faith, balanced in doctrine and have expertise in spiritual practices. Our staff members are all licensed, supervised and belong to reputable counseling organizations and local churches.
  8. MMCG has a good referral network system for other areas of life that may impact psycho -emotional being such as finances, medical, nutrition and weight management.

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